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Million Women Mentors LA


Propel and support women and girls in STEM pathways

Currently active in over 40 states, the Million Women Mentors (MWM) states movement centers around efforts happening at the local level aggregated, promoted, and inspired by state leadership. Million Women Mentors Louisiana (MWM-LA) helps builds the capacity of participating statewide organizations that provide opportunities and support for women and girls in their pursuits in STEM careers. MWM-LA represents the state of Louisiana in STEMConnector's MWM initiative.  Discover more about MWM and STEMConnector.

Mentoring is one of the most effective levers to propel and support women and girls on STEM pathways.

Research shows individuals with mentors have improved academic, social, and economic prospects. For women in STEM fields, this becomes increasingly important as young women look to role models to help them gain their confidence and increase opportunities.

By joining our state MWM state leadership team, your local business or industry will help champion mentoring and aggregate mentoring efforts and opportunities across the state for women and girls interested in a STEM career. In addition…

  • Stay up to date with knowledge of opportunities available in the state 
  • Gain innovative ways to mentor and establish mentoring program in your organization
  • Sponsor an event or serve on the state committee 
  • Increase visibility for your STEM diversity efforts share your organization's STEM resources

Are you a retired STEM professional and would like to volunteer with MWM? Join the group of leaders across sectors who work to activate the movement and identify new ways to connect the movement to existing and growing efforts to support women and girls in STEM.